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Couples Tantra

Couples who come to Tantra, usually find they want to stimulate their love life, have more exciting sex, reignite the sensuality that was once there, but now has dwindled. 

A substantial proportion of my clients have been interested in crafting a new sensual paradigm for their relationships. Therefore these days it’s no surprise when a client comes in to see me, seemingly to clear up the life or look for a new career, ends up talking about a relationship that needs updating. 

The vibration of Tantric sensuality needs a clear path. Life can be a great adversary to getting in the way of the clear Tantric path. Kids, overworking, bills to pay and old patterns can block your desired state with each other. 

Plus, there is normally some ‘washing up’ to do on the relationship to create the new springtime again. 

I will bring you together, get clarity on the ‘gardening’ that has to be done and then work individually with you both initially – before bring you back together to ignite the spark of sensuality, sexuality and satisfaction. 

You will be shown new ways and practices which free energetic pathways and clear emotional blockages in your mind/bodies. Once cleared, these new pathways will increase the flow of love, intimacy and trust between both of you. The practices are designed to bond your sensuality, intimacy and love – teach you how to give and receive love as a divine union, and rekindle any lost flames.

You will not only learn new Tantric techniques and methodology, but glean healthy mind/body practises such as The Now State™ and come away with mind management techniques also.

Your session(s) will be fun, challenging, lighthearted and intensely awakening. You have the opportunity to acquire new ways of using your own sensuality/sexuality with your partner that will captivate yourself and your loved one into what you  capable of sexually.
Come to me and have a free chat over zoom to discuss how we will work together. 

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