Tantra Women

The Divine Space Where Ecstatic Physical States
Meet Sublime Mental States

Tantra Brighton

Terry’s Tantric Journey

“The divine space where ecstatic physical states meet sublime mental states”

Tantra is the doorway to ecstatic states of being that effect your whole life. Life works its abundance through high quality vibrational energies that connect you back to your natural place of openness, vulnerable sensitivity and poetic mindfulness. Tantra Brighton is the place to come.

The unfolding of us, as human beings, through the many stages of our lives and our spiritual development, are not two separate things. This unfolding can be blocked by mundane living and Tantra is the key to unlocking those sensual pathways that lie between our creativity and natural flow.

Each Tantra massage session (or mental breakthrough session) will unlock one ore more aspects of who you are, as an incredible, sensually energetic being.

Every one of us carries an inherent potential to know bliss, love, ecstasy, and expanded states of consciousness. In your sessions of Tantra massage, the tri-fold method of mind, body and spirit awakens the kundalini in your body, caresses your mind and integrates with your spiritual path.

These private Tantra sessions are for both women and couples. They offer you an opportunity to understand, awaken awareness within and transform your sensual and sexual relationship with yourself, others and life itself. 

My sessions begin with a unique sacred space of conscious connection, presence and intimacy. Every session is different so my skill to tune into you and be able to serve mind, body and soul will unfold as you do. 

Each private session unfolds both in intensity and energetics at a pace that totally honours where you are on that day. 

I mostly work with women giving my Tantric massage in Hove and Brighton. I also teach couples. I’m not available for individual men.

The venue is in Hove for Tantra Women. Close to Brighton.

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